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What do we do?

Our work in the generation of positive impact started with the elaboration of Social Impact Assessments for the energy Industry in Mexico.. This path led us to diversify our services: we have been able to reach new markets and to successfully adapt our services to several other industries, such as waste management, human rights and finance.

At Enûma, we are convinced that there’s always a way to enhance and improve positive impact while mitigating negative impact, no matter the nature of the business or industry we’re dealing with.

Evaluation and Monitoring

Social Impact Assessment

We make social and environmental pre-factibility studies and social risks assessments for the development and financing of any kind of infrastructure.

Through the collection of relevant information related to the project, we conduct the analysis and management of social aspects through all the project's stages, no matter the industry its inserted.

Measurement and Impact Monitoring

We implement and give follow up to impact indicators specifically designed to measure the social performance of any given project. Enûma also carries on the measurement of the social return on investment per monetary unit (SROI, IRIS, B Corp). This service comprises the implemented activities, the observed results and the expected impacts derived from planned activities.

Energy Sector

As part of the current legal framework in Mexico set by the 2013 energy reform, Enuma conducts social impact assessments for both renewable energy and hydrocarbons.

We operate and coordinate relations with government entities and undertake format presentation, follow up and delivery of the study's resolution.

Social communication and public relations

Enuma develops communication strategies that aim to transmit the social and environmental impacts achieved by each project, positioning the brand based on its social achievements by the production of communication material for its distribution in various formats ( video, flyers, design...)

Strategic Management

Social investment Plans

We develop community linkage strategies aimed to set and maintain communication channels that enhance dialogue and works in favor of a consensus. For this, we organize and carry on workshops and conferences and stakeholder mapping.

Design and Execution of Social Investment Plans

We build up collaborative social investment programs that aimed to create strategic alliances in order to involve communities. These strategies purposes are the mitigation of negative impacts, and the exaltation of positive impacts related to the project.


Materiality Assessment

We undertake studies whose main purpose is to identify the most relevant material aspects for an accurate representation of the financial and operational situation of the entity. Through these studies, we seek to associate significant economic, environmental and social impacts in order to make better decisions and to integrate stakeholders in a participative dynamic.

Sustainability Reports

We conduct annual sustainability reports of passed or ongoing social programs in any industry, with the objective of proving its effectivity, suggesting mitigation measures as well as improvement strategies for broader positive impact. We rely upon a flexible methodology, which assures reliable results of publishable quality on the program’s effectiveness.

Investment Policies

Enûma works to ensure the sustainability of major investments through the performance of due diligence. On the way, we provide guidance on how to develop policies based on sustainability criteria, more specifically in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).


Innovation and corporate sustainability

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Design and execution of programs of impact investment, social responsibility and corporate sustainability, in harmony with the image of the company, that guide the behavioral policy of the company and its relationship with the environment.

Social Innovation and shared chain value

Creation of strategies, inside the chain of value of a company, that generate a positive impact while maximizing business opportunities.

Performance Indicators

Definition and monitoring of performance indicators and operational efficiency. Sustainability reports according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Compliance with International Standards

We conduct gap analyses for any sort of project in order to comply with international sustainability standards. Also, we rely on the most innovative international frameworks for ensuring the sustainability of large investments (IFC Standards, Principios de Ecuador, IPIECA).

Indigenous Consultation

We provide legal and strategic advice during free, prior and informed consultation process to indigenous communities.

Business Development

Our work also focuses on the detection of business opportunities for the development of profitable, impactful and cost-effective projects. Through a participatory approach,we have been able to reach new markets and to successfully adapt our services to several other industries, such as waste management, human rights, finance, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.