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Who are we?

About us

We are a consultancy firm specialized in the design, execution and follow-up of sustainable development projects and social impact that generate value both for both clients and the environment in which they operate.

Our values rest upon respect, integrity, transparency, innovation and collaboration.

Our Vision

Enûma comes from “Enûma Elish”, a Babylonian poem that narrates the origin of the world. Our personal interpretation is that in the origin of things, everything was united, and therefore no divisions or differences existed.

Our philosophy is based on the idea of unity of all the spheres that compose our surroundings. We believe that the social, political and economic realms are deeply intertwined and that any action that takes place in any of these has a direct impact - positive or negative - in the other two.

This systemic approach permeates our daily work, and allows us to carry on a complete, significant, transparent, meaningful, and most importantly, useful projects.

Strategic Impact Consultancy

At Enûma, we build up proposals that align our values with our clients’ in order to establish creative synergies, capable of conducting to useful and innovative projects.

By doing so, we can offer a wide range of custom-made services that can successfully attain sustainable development goals and create a positive impact.

Strategic Allies

Our strategies seek to broaden the scope of our services, as well as improve and increasing their added value in order to mitigate and prevent strategic risks. Based on our vision, we work towards the establishment of alliances with a clear purpose of efficiency and practicality, promoting and enhancing relations with other actors within the impact network.


We incorporate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in every project we embark upon. Using these and relying on other international frameworks, we assure that our work fully complies with the highest international standards at all times. As a result, we obtain reliable results and efficient solutions to social and environmental and other sorts of challenges.


At Enûma, we privilege transparency. You can have access to our human rights policy, ethics code and annual reports.

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